Centred around the concept of flow, demonstrating the connectivity and movement
of cargo across the world, highlighting the vital role of smarter trade in the global economy. 
Visitors are able to explore the local history and future of cargo in the four unique gallery spaces,
from the prototype Hyperloop Cargospeed pod outside the pavilion to the technologies featured within, 

visitors can tour the full panorama of global trade through real-time visualisations of worldwide cargo traffic, augmented-reality exhibits, digital games and more. All centred around a huge four-storey atrium with
cascading waterfall and giant LED screen playing unique shows, guest interactions, leadership events
and summits all centred 
around the idea of flow. 
The design also included staff spaces, offices and social spaces. Luxury hospitality suites and a panoramic    fifth-floor VIP suite complete with boardrooms, terrace, restrooms, bar and lounge.
(All photos owned by The OpenLab)

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